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Strikemaster Lazer Pro - initial impressions

Well, I hesitantly sold off the Strike-lite last week to give the new 2-stroke Solo motor a try. Bob over @ Wayzata Bait had a Lazer Pro on the floor for a good price, so I bit the bullet and went with an 8″.

Wayzata Bait stocks most of the Strikemaster augers and if he doesn’t have what you need, it will be ordered and ready to pick-up within a couple days, fresh from Strikemaster HQ up in Big Lake. If you’re in the market for a new auger, or just need some bait and tackle, hit him up. (Shop local!)

The Lazer Pro has a 3hp, 54 cc, 2-stroke Solo engine. These new engines were released last year and I’ve heard nothing but high-praise for their power and speed.

I got the auger home and proceeded to mix up a gallon of fuel (sans alcohol) with Amsoil’s 2-stroke oil. The manual states that you must not mix any leaner than 50:1 but I’m sure 80:1 or 100:1 would be just fine. Just to play it safe, I did mix this first tank at 50:1 for a “break-in”. I’ll probably move to 80:1 on the next mix.

All the new models sporting the Solo engines come with a 24 oz fuel tank, which should help increase the number of holes drilled between filling.

The starting procedure is a bit different from the Strike-lite, but is equally as simple and fast. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON (Yes, I have managed to bypass this required step a couple late nights out on the ice). Pump the primer until gas starts flowing back to the tank. Slide the choke lever to the START position. Here’s where the Solo motors differ, you now need to press the “decompression button” which is located next to the primer bulb. Pull up the slack in the recoil and give it a pull. You need to press the decompression button previous to each time you pull the recoil rope. At first, I thought this might be a bit annoying, but you get used to it real quick.

The Lazer popped off with just a few pulls, I then let it warm up for a few minutes. When I first gave it a little throttle, it smoked a bit but I assume that was left-over oil in the engine from testing. Once the Amsoil laden fuel worked it’s way in, there was little to no smoke in the exhaust, as expected. All the hype I had heard about this engine was well-founded, it rips. If you’ve ever used a chainsaw, you’ll notice the similarities right away. The Solo engine seems to have oodles of power and revs ski-high, electronically governed at 12000 rpms, (yes, that’s twelve thousand).

Beyond standing in my driveway longing for hardwater and making lots of noise, I really have no more to comment on at this time. I’m sure this Lazer Pro with the new Solo engine is going to pop holes considerably faster than my old Strike-lite, albeit at a bit higher decibel. I’ll update further once I get out on some ice!

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