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Custom Hyfax for your portable ice house - Keep it local!

Some of you may already know Paul or have already purchased some hyfax from him, but for those that don’t, I’d like to get this information out there…

If you need hyfax runners for your portable (which, yes, you do), pass up the manufacturer’s kit, keep the business local, and give Paul a ring.

After I saw his post on the board last year, I ordered up a set of hyfax for a Frabill Magnum. The fit and finish was top-notch and the hyfax held up extremely well throughout the season. Unfortunately, Frabill dropped the ball when they designed the bottom of the tub on the Magnum. The “channels” for the hyfax that are molded into the tub do not extend up the front, therefore, a hole eventually wore straight through the tub, just in front of where the hyfax ended.

Fast forward to the 2009 season… I picked up a Frabill Recon for when I don’t need the extra space, my first thought was hyfax. So, I contacted Paul to pick his brain on the best way to install a set of hyfax on the Recon and how to best re-do the setup on the Magnum. After sending him some measurements, he came up with a custom setup for the Magnum. Instead of 4, 1″ runners, he suggested 2 runners, 2″ wide that run all the way up to the top of the “skis” on the sled. He then suggested I use the 4, 1″ runners from the original Magnum setup, to outfit the Recon.

Here’s a pic of the finished product:

custom hyfax for your portable ice house

This kind of assistance is exactly why you want to keep your business local, expert advice and totally custom design.

Protect your tub, give Paul a ring @ (763) 516-6968 or email

For more pics, check out his post in the classifieds on the message board:

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