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StrikeMaster - MNFishing.net welcomes a new sponsor!

We’re proud to say that Strikemaster has been added as a MNfishing sponsor. Our goal is to set up sponsorships with local Minnesota companies that are well renouned for their quality products and excellent customer service, so Strikemaster is a perfect fit!

If you’ve never owned a Strikemaster auger, I highly recommend you take a serious look. This will be my 3rd season using a Strike-lite, their exclusive 4 stroke, 20lb auger and I’m extremely pleased.

Keep an eye out on the message board in the next week or so, you just may have an opportunity to win some cool swag from the Strikemaster folks. ;)

If you’re interested in some MNfishing threads on Strikemaster, feel free to search or click here:


Also, be sure to check out their new site. Read up on their extensive line of power augers, hand augers and high quality ice fishing accessories. They post weekly specials on some great items, as well!:


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