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External power pack for the Lowrance XOG

My only real complaint with the Lowrance XOG is that the battery life absolutely sucks. Normally I have it plugged in, whether it’s in the truck or on the ATV but there are times, especially early-ice, that I’m on foot and don’t have access to any power.

I searched the interwebs a bit but the only external power packs I found were quite bulky and just used AA batteries for the power source. My goal was to find something compact, at least not any bigger than the XOG itself, and something that was rechargeable.

While browsing my local Radio Shack, I stumbled upon exactly what I was looking for. The Lenmar PowerPort is extremely thin, compact and lightweight. It has an internal Lithium-Ion power source that can be recharged up to 500 times, will recharge a device up to 5 times on a single charge or power a compatible device for 50 hours.:

I paid $39.95, which at first seemed a bit steep but the PowerPort is so compact, I thought it was worth the cost. Plus, after playing around with it I found that I can power other devices as well, read on…

The PowerPort is very simple to operate, just plug it into a USB port on your computer to charge, there’s a LED light that let’s you know when it’s full. The PowerPort comes with a short USB cable that accepts 4 different included adapters:

According to the manual, the various adapters allow you to charge/power “iPod, PSP, Motorola RAZR/KRZR, Blackberry and other mini USB devices”.

For the XOG, I just plugged in the mini-USB adapter, hit the power button on the PowerPort and the XOG fired right up! Not only will the PowerPort power the XOG, it actually does CHARGE it as well. To give it a test, I totally drained the XOG then plugged it into the PowerPort and left it on. The internal XOG battery was fully charged within a hour or so, can’t beat that.

My cell phone also accepts a mini-USB connection so I plugged it into the PowerPort, worked here as well.

I’ll be putting this unit to real world testing once the early ice hits, I’ll give an update if I encounter any problems or find any other uses for the PowerPort. Reply if you have any questions!

View details from the manufacturer

Here’s some additional photos:

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