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ATV Ice Auger Mount from Ryan’s ATV Racks

As some of you may know, I had a slight “incident” last season with my ice auger flying off the ATV in the middle of the lake. I accept total blame, as I was going too fast while towing my portable with the stike-lite perched precariously on the front of the wheeler. The ice auger was secured tightly in a pair of Kolpin “Gear Grips”.

The main problem with these “Grips” is they’re made from some type of plastic. Not only are the grips themselves plastic, but they’re also fastened down to a plastic base that allows easy removal when you’re not using them. All fine and dandy if you’re hauling a snow shovel in there but haul anything with some weight to it and you better not go more than a few mph.

Long story short, at about 25 mph, I hit a good sized drift that I didn’t see coming. Upon landing, both grips lost their “grip” at the base, breaking the little “tabs” that hold ‘em on. The auger flipped up, I hit the breaks and made a hard turn, just missing the power head of the auger. The gas tank went flying, the carb busted off, it wasn’t pretty. Luckily, Strikemaster has great service and $25 later I was all fixed up.

That being said, this season brought me to search for something better. Mad Dog ATV makes a mount specifically for ice augers, reviews are fairly good but I wanted something more “universal” as I’d like to carry a shotgun at times, or some type of long-handled tools while dinking around in the woods. Then I stumbled upon a product made right here in Minnesota, “ATV Yokes” by Ryan’s ATV Racks:

Upon reading the details on their site, I find that the yokes are made of “round stock steel”, good start! Next I find a pic showing an ice auger strapped into the yokes… sold! I’m all set to buy but there’s one problem, can’t find the damn things anywhere! The dealer list on their site is filled with Gander Mtn locations but unbeknownst to me, Gander is scaling back their ATV sales to only two stores, neither had them in stock. I called the number listed on the and left a message asking where I might find a set. In the mean time, I placed a call to the last dealer on the list and scored a set from Tousely Motorsports. They shipped ‘em out to me and they arrived the next day:

My initial impression on the yokes was very favorable. They’re heavy duty, thick, steel construction definitely won’t break in the cold. They’re also covered with a thick coating of PVC so they won’t be scratching anything you strap down to them:

Installation is a breeze, pick a spot on your rack and thread 4 bolts through the base up into the yokes and tighten down with the included nylon lock nuts:

Due to my past experience I decided it would be best to mount them on the outside rails of my front rack, therefore spreading the yokes as far as possible to provide a hold that would reduce leverage on the individual yokes. I never bothered to measure the allowable distance I had to work with for my auger but I lucked out, the spacing was perfect for the strike-lite:

I’ve got a shorter, rubber bungee on the power head side and one that’s a bit longer holding down the auger end. The yokes have 4 “loops” on the base that allow you to easily hook in a bungee or carabineer end.

I’ll be testing this setup with my shotgun in a few weeks on a duck hunting trip. The only hesitation I have at this point is where I mounted the yokes. They may have a tendency to catch on small trees or shrubs when tromping through the back woods. Beyond that, I feel much better about where the ice auger will be riding this season!

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4 Responses to “ATV Ice Auger Mount from Ryan’s ATV Racks”

  1. Mark says:


    I found this link after doing a search for ATV Auger Racks using google. I am also in the market for an auger mount for my Grizzly 700 (looks like you have the same ATV). My only concern with your setup is that the yokes are attaching to only one rack bar, as opposed to a spot where two bars come together. Do you feel that the yokes are subject to turning or spinning on the bar? or did you tighten them down to a point where you are not concerned about the stability of the mount? This is extremely helpful for me because it appears we have identical ATV’s and this was the product I was leaning toward. I was also thinking it might be more stable mounted further forward where the rack bar curves into the 45 degree turn. Thanks for your help

  2. bri says:

    Hi Mark,

    I tightened the yokes down fairly good, you can move them side to side a bit but it’s just the PVC coating that is flexing a bit. I wanted to keep them a little further back on the rack for hunting this fall, as they’d be less likely to get hung up on trees and brush, etc.

    I’ll see how the auger rides in there once I get out on the lake, I may do what you mentioned and move them to a spot where there’s more lateral support. I’d definitely go with a set of the ryan’s atv yokes, you’ll be very happy with the purchase.

    Thanks for the input and suggestions!


  3. Jon says:

    I’ve had these on my Polaris Sportsman front rack for 4 years, maybe more. They are the best accessory I have ever purchased. They work great for ice augers, fishing poles, and any kind of hand tool (shovels, rakes, axe, et al.).
    Better yet, most small coolers (or a case of your favorite beverage) fit neatly between them. You can even bungee a chainsaw to the side of them. They are very versatile and extremely heavy duty. A++++ product, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. ErvinTW says:

    Thanks! Nice post.

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